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At Nelin Realty, a family owned and operated company, we're committed to consistently providing first class real estate services that you can depend on. With more than 40 years in the real estate business, we have the Expertise, Flexibility and Vision to handle all your Real Estate needs. We are a fully-integrated real estate development and management company, specializing in Planning, Construction, Development, Property Management, and Brokerage.





 Construction & Development


          Ownership & Management

With our clients needs and goals in mind, we are able to be flexible with the design, function and size of their house or office space. Overseeing the project from conception to completion, we are able to ensure a better quality for the best price. This way we can provide excellent service via strategic and timely execution.

We understand the many complex decisions that have to be made when building a house or finding a new office.  Our competitive advantage is also being a construction company which will ensure those decisions are implemented properly.  Our goal is to ensure the end result is a home or facility that meets all your needs and exceeds expectations.


Unlike many companies that hire 3rd parties to handle the management of their properties, you can rely on us to manage the property and ensure your satisfaction.  Also, being able to offer purchase options is an exciting and unique opportunity for business owners to capitalize on the benefits of our condominium office space.